GASP Groups Against Stadium Proposals fights destruction of Historical Air Park
we won

The owners of Wycombe Wanderers and London Wasps want to leave Adams Park
(their current ground) and build a new stadium development. Wycombe Air Park is their
preferred site. This is Green Belt land next to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Wycombe District Council is proposing to support and part-fund the project through
substantial 'enabling development' i.e. selling off land owned by WDC for housing
development - possibly 2000 homes. The project is likely to cost tens of millions of pounds.

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  • Why is our money being used to support a private venture?
  • 240 Acres of our Green Belt will be lost and have a far reaching impact on all of us.
  • "enablng development" is a technical term for building more houses.
  • Current economic climate evidence shows this as very high risk
  • Can our roads cope?
  • Noise and light will pollute for miles around
  • The consultation process is heavily flawed
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GASP's Response

GASP response to stadium proposal decision 19 July 2011Read More>>

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Thanks to Paul Baker, Adrian Metcalf

GASP is a coalition of parish councils, residents' associations, sports clubs and conservation bodies
from around the Wycombe and Marlow districts who believe the current stadium proposals are flawed