GASP Groups Against Stadium Proposals fights destruction of Historical Air Park

Consultation Flaws

GASP alleges that WDC’s public consultation process was flawed and unrepresentative of the local community for the following reasons:

  • There was insufficient release of information to allow people to produce an informed opinion, eg no mention of the number of houses that would have to be built
  • Opaque language was used to mask unpalatable information eg. saying 'enabling development' instead of spelling out that 600 to 2000 houses would have to be built on Green Belt land to pay for it
  • There was Insufficient length of consultation period (6 rather than the 12 weeks stipulated in government guidelines)
  • Public meetings and exhibitions were held in areas miles from the proposed stadium sites rather than in the areas most likely to be affected by the scheme
  • There was no ‘do nothing’ option
  • On-line respondents were repeatedly ‘timed out’ when they were concerned enough to take the time to fill in the comments box
  • There was no due diligence to ensure that any of the responses were genuine
  • There are first-person reports of Wycombe Wanderers officials 'helping' people fill out consultation forms in favour of the stadium at football matches
  • There are first-person reports of pro-stadium agents targeting mosque users to fill out consultation forms in favour of the stadium (an allegation supported by the fact that there were multiple entries from Asian respondents which used identical wording)
  • There are confirmed reports of London Wasps supporters who live miles from the area being emailed by Lawrence Dallaglio to fill out consultation forms in favour of the new stadium
  • There are confirmed reports that students were given consultation forms and encouraged to vote in favour of the new stadium so that they could get more sports facilities

WDC says that 71% of the community is in favour of the stadium proposals.
Regular polls in the Bucks Free show the percentage against the stadium to be in the high 80s and in a recent poll in Lane End showed 86% of 358 respondents wanted the stadium to remain at Adams park. (Consultation papers were distributed by councillors Jean Teesdale and Ian McEnnis with December issue of The Clarion parish magazine and people were asked to fill out the forms and return them to a box in Lane End post office)

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GASP's Response

GASP response to stadium proposal decision 19 July 2011Read More>>

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GASP is a coalition of parish councils, residents' associations, sports clubs and conservation bodies
from around the Wycombe and Marlow districts who believe the current stadium proposals are flawed