GASP Groups Against Stadium Proposals fights destruction of Historical Air Park

Help Fund our fight

Unfortunately it is a fact of life - nothing is free!
We desperately need financial support to run this campaign. To get this actioned, we now have a Treasurer and finance team to administer our expenditure, to help fight this worthy cause.
The general public supporting our campaign have been asking, ’how can we help financially and where do we make our contribution’?

Well, we are pleased to tell you that we now have a, Donations Page on our GASP website, this gives you the opportunity to help support the fight, to save Wycombe Air Park and the surrounding Green Belt, from development.                                                                                                                                  

Cheques can be sent to:

GASP Treasurer
Finings Road
Lane End
HP14 3EU

Made payable to "GASP (Groups Against Stadium Proposals)"

Electronic bank transfer:

Bank Name: HSBC
Branch Sort Code: 40-32-19
Account Number: 51473794
Account Name: GASP  (Groups Against Stadium Proposals) 

By post to local branch:

46 High Street, Marlow, Bucks. SL7 1AT 

You can now pay by PayPal

You can now pay by PayPal

What ever means you use to donate please add a reference so we can identify you to say thank you. Alternatively please send an email to This is so we can tie up the donation to a name.

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GASP's Response

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Thanks to Paul Baker, Adrian Metcalf

GASP is a coalition of parish councils, residents' associations, sports clubs and conservation bodies
from around the Wycombe and Marlow districts who believe the current stadium proposals are flawed