GASP Groups Against Stadium Proposals fights destruction of Historical Air Park


GASP response to stadium proposal decision

19 Jul 2011
After a successful campaign GASP offers help to those clubs and amateur sports groups who it would appear have been disappointed

Demo-leader’s report

17 Jul 2011
A day in the life of a demonstration organiser

GASP inteviewed on MarlowFm 97.5 8 June 2011

8 Jun 2011
The Chairman of GASP, Garry Nuttall is interviewed on MarlowFM's The Breakfast Show in response to an earlier interview with Cllr Lesley Clarke

Ex Leader of WDC Cllr Lesley Clarke accuses GASP of scare mongering and disinformation

6 Jun 2011
Cllr Lesley Clarke, former leader of WDC, is interviewed on MarlowFM 97.5 Breakfast show by Tim Ashburner. Cllr Clarke commented that she was treated gently but Tim did ask some searching questions

Cllr Lesley Clarke on Marlow FM

5 Jun 2011
The Ex-leader of WDC is to be intervied on Marlow FM 97.5 by Tim Ashburner 08:30 Monday 06 June

Council urged to take a deep breath and reconsider stadium proposal

3 Jun 2011
GASP Chairman urges council newly appointed cabinet members to support a decision to stop the project

Explanation of the planning process

16 May 2011
In response to popular request, we have produced this summary of how the planning process works, with particular reference to the stadium

What your candidate thought

5 May 2011
The candidates list and whether they supported the building of a stadium at Booker or were against the idea.

GASP unravels WDC FACT sheet

25 Apr 2011
A fact sheet issued by WDC in response to many of GASP's claims is riddled with 'may', 'might', 'could' etc and completely fails to instil any confidence. After nearly half a million pounds of taxpayers' money being spent we still don't have any substantiated facts.

GASP responds to WDC's claim of GASP's rumour spreading

19 Apr 2011
After Council Leader Cllr Lesley Clarke made a claim GASP was spreading rumours GASP responds with a challenge for the truth other than 'maybe', 'might' and 'could' statements in their myth busting paper

Bucks Free Press Stadium Survey

25 Mar 2011
Two GASP representatives (including a market research professional) attended a briefing on the Bucks Free Press Stadium Survey on Tuesday. It was presented by Maven Research who analysed the data for BFP. The information was embargoed until the results were published in the Bucks Free Press today (Friday 25 March).

WDC meeting with GASP

10 Mar 2011
WDC invites concern parties to meet with them

GASP Chairman sends letter to Councillors ahead of Cabinet meeting

2 Mar 2011
GASP Chairman raises concerns about how the Cabinet will consider the call-in recommendation

GASP Chairman sends letter to IRC

15 Feb 2011
Ahead of the 15 Feb 'call-in' meeting, GASP Chairman Gary Nuttall sends an open letter to the Improvement and Review Commission

Ad in the Bucks Free Press on Friday

31 Jan 2011
reasons for bfp ad

Chairman's response to Monday's cabinet decision

24 Jan 2011
I attended the WDC Cabinet meeting in High Wycombe last night and was delighted to see that the community is becoming increasingly aware of the proposed stadium project, evidenced by the growing number of people protesting outside the Council offices............

BCWPS writes to all members of the IRC

19 Jan 2011
Booker Common and Woods Protection Society writes to all members of the independent review commission. Only about 6 have responded........

Second Demonstration

17 Jan 2011
Crowd chants as GASP Demonstrated outside WDC offices for the second time

Press Release 7th January Post Consultation Results

7 Jan 2011
GASP should be shocked and appalled at this outcome, given that each and every local poll has been overwhelmingly against the stadium proposals* however, we are unsurprised at this outcome.

First Demo

13 Dec 2010
Our first show of force was a demonstration outside the council offices

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GASP is a coalition of parish councils, residents' associations, sports clubs and conservation bodies
from around the Wycombe and Marlow districts who believe the current stadium proposals are flawed