GASP Groups Against Stadium Proposals fights destruction of Historical Air Park

Ad in the Bucks Free Press on Friday

31 January 2011

GASP placed an advertisement in the Bucks Free Press on Friday (28 Jan). See the ad here: the ad

The GASP ad was not a retaliation, or even a response to Wycombe District Council's three-page wrap-around ad the previous week. Their attempt to persuade the public of the 'community benefits' of the new stadium with a long 'wish-list' of facilities and many photographs of small children spoke for itself.

Furthermore, GASP doesn't have the funds that WDC has at its disposal, we are merely members of the community who feel strongly that the Green Belt should remain green and that public money should not be used to finance private enterprise.

However, we did feel that the public deserved some simple, straight-forward facts. The GASP ad provides this and we hope you find it enlightening.

Please drop us a line at with any useful info you might have heard, or if we can provide you with any information (our files of documentation are detailed and growing daily), or just to say hello.

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GASP's Response

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Thanks to Paul Baker, Adrian Metcalf

GASP is a coalition of parish councils, residents' associations, sports clubs and conservation bodies
from around the Wycombe and Marlow districts who believe the current stadium proposals are flawed