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Bucks Free Press Stadium Survey

25 March 2011

Stadium Plans comprehensively rejected in BFP survey

Two GASP representatives (including a market research professional) attended a briefing on the Bucks Free Press Stadium Survey on Tuesday. It was presented by Maven Research who analysed the data for BFP. The information was embargoed until the results were published in the Bucks Free Press today (Friday 24 March).

Bucks Free Press has released the results of their detailed survey about the Council’s Stadium proposals revealing that four out of five people reject the Council’s plans. The findings are strikingly consistent: people across the district reject the plans: Wycombe Wanderers fans reject the plans; London Wasps fans reject the plans! Nine out of ten people reject the justification for building on our Green Belt. Nine out of ten people are saying the Council should have no further financial involvement in the project.

In light of widespread misgivings about the Council’s consultation, Bucks Free Press went to extraordinary lengths to ensure it had a valid sample for this survey and have been open and transparent throughout the process.

Bucks Free Press made hundreds of phone calls to verify the data, speaking to 57% of respondents. The industry best practice is c10% so BFP really has applied a double-plated gold standard. Furthermore, the variation between the verified and unverified respondents is less than 3% so the data is very robust.

Just under half the respondents are fans of either Wanderers or Wasps so these groups are massively over-represented. Half the sample use local sporting facilities, again over-representing active sports people compared to the population.

There is no backing in the community for this project:




Do you back the idea of a community stadium?



Do you back the idea of a Sports Village?



Do you believe Wycombe Air Park is the best location…?



Do you think the project justifies development of Green Belt land?



The Council’s conduct of the project is questioned and further involvement ruled out:




Were you satisfied with the information provided by the Council prior to & during the consultation?



Do you believe WDC should have any further financial investment ?



Would you back the proposals if a business case was made and proven that the council would make money from their initial investment and the clubs would benefit?



The survey asked people what facilities would you like to see as part of a ‘Sports Village’? Swimming pool, tennis courts and gym were the most popular facilities, but there are no plans to have any of these in the sports village.   Full Bucks Free Press story >>

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GASP's Response

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GASP is a coalition of parish councils, residents' associations, sports clubs and conservation bodies
from around the Wycombe and Marlow districts who believe the current stadium proposals are flawed